Any type of discrimination on the grounds of Caste, Creed, Race, religion, Gender, Language and disability is prohibited strictly in SRM College. SRM college will be very sensitive towards the incidence of caste discrimination and strict action will be taken against such cases.

The officials and faculty should also desist from any type of discriminations against SC/STstudents, Faculty stack holders etc. on the basis of social origin. college will also take care that no official or, Faculty involves in any kind of discrimination against any category and community. Strict action will be taken against the erring official and faculty if such incidence noticed by college authorities.

SRM College Students/Faculty/stakeholders belongs to SC/ST Community can lodge Complaint on this page of Caste discrimination and has placed a Complaint register in the Superintendent/ Principal office for the same.

Action taken report will be sent to University Grant Commission and University of Mumbai, if any such kind of caste discrimination Incident ls reported.