The Rules and Regulations are governed as per the ordinances with respect to Credit Based Semester and Grading system [B.S.G.S] for the programme under faculty of Arts, Commerce & Science.

F.Y./ B.A / B.COM / B.Sc - Semester - I & Semester II
S.Y./ B.A / B.COM / B.Sc - Semester - III & Semester IV
T.Y./ B.A / B.COM / B.Sc - Semester - V & Semester VI

Each Semester Examination is divided into two parts
A. Internal Examination 25 Marks
B. Semester End Examination 75 Marks

The Internal Examination of 25 Marks is divided as follows
I. 20 Marks for the class test.
II. Marks active participation in routine class.

The Examination is of 2.5 Hrs. duration.
I. There shall be five questions each of 15 marks.
II. All questions will be compulsory with internal choice within the questions.
Question may be subdivided into sub-questions a, b, c… and the allocation of marks depends on the weightage of the topic.

The minimum marks for passing each theory paper is 40% which consist of Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination with 40% (10 out of 25) & (30 out of 75). i.e. both Internal Examination And Semester End Examination is separately to be passed in each subject.

The Performance Grading of the Student Will be on seven Point ranking system.

70* and above O.
60.00 - 69.99 A.
55.00 - 59.99 B.
50.00 - 54.99 C.
45.00 - 49.99 D.
40.00 - 44.99 E.
below 40.00 FAIL F.

There is an additional Examination for Semester I, II, III, and IV for Semester End Examination and Internal Examination For students who have failed or remained absent. The absent student will be allowed by the consent of Head of the Institution on special ground such as Medical, NSS, NCC, Inter collegiate Sports Activities.

  • A student will be allowed to keep terms for Semester II Irrespective number of heads of failure in the Semester - I.
  • A student shall be allowed to keep term for Semester - III & IV if he/she Passes each of Semester – I and Semester II. OR fails in not more than two papers (200 Marks) for commerce and arts in each of semester I & II and not more than three papers (300 Marks) for Science in each of semester I & II.
  • A student shall be allowed to keep term for Sem-V and Sem-VI if he/she passes each of Semester - I, Semester - II, Semester - III & Semester - IV. OR fails in not more than two paper (200 Marks) for Commerce and Arts in each of Semester - III & Semester - IV & not more than three paper (300 Marks) for Science in each of Semester III & IV.