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We, at the K. M. S. P. Mandal, Kudal and Sant Rawool Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Kudal are very much delighted to welcome the new generation of students seeking admission in various faculties. Looking in the past, the institution is proud about the goals which are already achieved and also equally proud of the students who played a very vital role in achieving these goals. The college is now well renowned by its various outstanding activities at every level; right from district to the university as well as the state. We have academic excellence coupled with bright achievements in NSS, NCC, DLLE, Cultural, Sports and Social Activities in last few years. Our students from all faculties have attained an excellent academic record and are presently involved in their respective advanced studies or and are performing well at their professional levels. Our competent and enthusiastic teachers have taken initiatives in various Research activities in their respective subjects. Many of the teachers are involved in the major and minor Research Projects. Besides, students are also consistently encouraged and inspired to participate in Research as well as other curricular and co-curricular activities by the Principal and staff.

The College has spacious classrooms, well furnished and well equipped laboratories, library and academically excellent teachers. From the beginning, attaining excellence and efficiency has been a primary goal of the institution and management. The college offers UG programmes in Arts, Commerce and Science. Along with that, we have career oriented programmes such as Computer Systems & Application & Direct and Indirect Taxation at Third Year B.Com. We have also added new professional courses like B.Sc. - Computer Science from 2002, Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS] and Bachelor of Information Technology [B. Sc.- IT] from the academic year 2009-2010.

The college has 15 academic departments. Curriculum design is prerogative of the Board of Studies of the Mumbai University. However, the faculty members enjoy the freedom of making constructive suggestions to the Board of Studies in updating the contents of respective syllabi. Teachers and students are encouraged to use computers/internet to enhance their learning and understanding. For this purpose, college has set up a “UGCNetwork Resource Centre” where computer/internet facility is made available free-of-cost. From this year, the college is progressing towards the semester based system of teaching and examination as per the university norms. Student strength of the college is about 1130 and most of them belong to economically weaker sections of society. Such students are helped through UGC / Govt. / Semi Govt. / NGO's Scholarship schemes while remaining students not covered by these schemes are helped from the Student's Aid Fund of the college. Admissions are done as per the rules prescribed by the University of Mumbai. Academic merit is duly recognized while filling up vacancies. Preference is also given to the students who are good in sports and extra-curricular activities. Efforts are made to achieve excellence in Teaching-Learning and Evaluation.

The college has highly qualified, devoted and committed faculty. More than 65% of them are engaged in various research activities.


Gender Wise

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Teaching StaffNon Teaching Staff
Dr. V. B. Zodage
Mr. H. R. Yadav
Dr. A. N. Lokhande
Dr. S. T. Awate
Dr. S. K. Asolkar
Dr. V. G. Bhaskar
Dr. S. K. Pawar
Dr. M. N. Jamble
Mr. A. M. Kanshide
Mr. S. G. Patil
Mr. P. R. Rodrigues
Mr. R. B. Deshmukh
Mr. P. D. Jamdade
Dr. R. Y. Thakur
Dr. N. P. Kamble
Mr. U. M. Kamat
Mr P. B. Masurkar
Mr. B. A. Tupere
Mr. K. M. Chavan
Mr. B. A. Chavan
Dr. Y. J. Koli
Mr. P. K. Parab
Mr. D. G. Chavan
Mr. N. R. Kale
Dr. S. S. Lokhande
Mr. P. S. Kervadekar
Mr. D. A. Patil
Mr. S. R. Chougule
Mr. P. N. Talankar
Mr. K. A. Kubal
Mr. S. S. Chavan
Mr. D. V. Thakur
Mr. S. G. Prabhu
Miss. S. D. Angchekar
Miss. S. I. Shaha
Mr. S. S. Prabhu
Ms. K. M. Matondkar
Mr. S. D. Waskar
Mrs. A. S. Melasagare
Miss. P. R. Rane
Mr. P. M. Tendolkar
Ms. S. S. Chandekar
Miss. Y. S. Wairkar
Mrs. S. K. Desai
Ms. G. B. Pawar
Mr. S. G. Walawalkar
Mr. K. K. Karalkar
Mr. S. I. Kamble
Ms. A. V. Bhogate
Ms. V. G. Parab
Mr. R. K. Sawant
Mr. P. B. Otawkar
Mr. N. P. Parulekar
Mr. R. S. Kamble
Ms. H. G. Sawant
Mr. N. J. Khutale
Mr. N. V. Bhandarkar
Mr. P. M. Sawant
Mr. S. J. Kadam
Mr. S. H. Redkar
Mr. R. M. Malgaonkar
Mr. S. G. Ghogale
Mr. G. A. Jadhav
Mr. V. G. Kudalkar
Mr. C. M. Kuperkar
Mr. B. V. Gawade
Mr. P. P. Jadhav
Mr. A. V. Sadvelkar
Mr. S. A. Dabholkar
Mr. A. V. Thakur
Mr. R. S. Naik
Mr. V. T. Teli
Mr. M. M. Ghadi
Mr. G. A. Haldankar
Mr. G. S. Chavan
Mr. V. B. Agalave
Mr. A. A. Parab
Mr. S. P. Gawade
Miss. N. N. Aeer

UG - First Half of Academic Year 2018-19 (October 2018)

UG - Second Half of Academic Year 2018-19 (April 2019)

PG - First Half of Academic Year 2018-19 (October 2018)

PG - Second Half of Academic Year 2018-19 (April 2019)

This is to declare that Karachi Maharashtriya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s, Sant Rawool Maharaj Mahavidyalay College Address S. N. Desai Chowk, Udyamnagar, Kudal, Dist – Sindhudurg, Maharashtra adheres to the provisions of Statutory Regulatory Authorities (SRA- like UGC, AICTE, MCI, DCI, INC, AYUSH, PCI, RCI, BCI, and others) as applicable to the institution, and also undertakes to adhere to changes, if any, from time to time.

Further this is to declare and undertake that:

A.      The institution has valid approval / University affiliation for all the programme offered by the institution.

B.      The institution has obtained necessary approval / permission / recognition from appropriate SRA as under law and is valid / applied for renewal as applicable.

C.      The information / responses provided in IIQA online are genuine and valid.

D.     At the time of submission of IIQA, it is certified that the institution is not debarred of made ineligible for further renewal of affiliation /recognition etc., by any competent authority / court of Law.

E.      The students who have graduated from this Institution have been issued degree / PG certificate from the legally designated authorities.

F.      No Government body has declared the institution as an illegal entity.

G.      The institution undertakes to inform NAAC of any changes in the status indicated during / after submission of IIQA & thereof i.e., till the validation of the accreditation status bestowed upon them.

H.     The IIQA has been prepared & submitted online from within the institution with an IP address IP Address: of computer belonging to the Institution.

I.        Acceptance of IIQA by NAAC is only provisional and the onus of adhering to eligibility norms lies with the Institution


In case information provided is found to be contrary to the fact, it shall result in cancellation of NAAC grading, along with initiation of legal action. It will be the total responsibility of the Institution to substantiate claims made by the Institution in its application to the satisfaction of NAAC when ever called for.

(Dr. S. D. Disale)


Date : 03/01/2020