University of Mumbai

KMSP Mandal’s

Sant Rawool Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Kudal

Department of Botany Introduces Three Certificate Courses

Certificate Course in ‘Amateur Gardening

  • Features
  1. Plantation Methods
  2. Gardens Designing
  3. Plant Selection
  4. Propagation methods
  5. Pruning, fertilizer application, irrigation.
  6. Identifying common Pests and Diseases
  7. Bio fertilizers and Growth Regulators
  8. Weed Management

Design Your Own Garden

Certificate Course in ‘Basic Light Microscopy'

  • Features
  1. Simple and Compound Light microscope
  2. Using Compound Light microscope- Preliminary
  3. Different Mechanical and Optical components
  4. Objective lens adjustment
  5. Mounting of slide
  6. Oil immersion lenses
  7. Use of Pointer
  8. Sectioning and staining

Explore Microworld

Certificate Course in ‘Plant Identification’

  • Features
  1. Identification of the Leaf characters:
  2. Floral and inflorescence characters
  3. Stem and other underground characters
  4. Anatomical characters
  5. Using Floras and Keys for Plant identification
  6. Study of some selected Local plant families
  7. Field visits to identify local plant families

Know Your Plants

Any student of the college can take the admission

Interested students can register to the link

(Please, copy the above link and paste in browser for its use)

Contact for more details

Dr. R. Y. Thakur


Mr. U. M. Kamat


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