Sindhudurg district is Known as one of the crucial eco hotspot region in India. The district is now forging a new identity of its own. Home to the thousands of species of insects, birds, animals and reptiles, the district is now stepping into a new form of wildlife tourism. Against this backdrop, a small glimpse of the documentary “Wild Sindhudurg”, which unfolds the diverse wildlife resources of Sindhudurg. With the help of Maharashtra Forest Department. The documentary “Wild Sindhudurg” is being shot through the imagination of Dr. Yogesh Koli. It is mainly featured in six main themes. The team working in it includes Mr. Pravin Sawant, Mr. Pravin Jadhav, Mr. Akshay Dalvi, Mr. Gurunath Kadam, Mr. Sridhar Pednekar, Mr. Tejas Sawant, Miss. Mayuri Chavan, Miss. Harshada Mestri. In the near future, as part of this documentary, “Golden Jackal: The Magic of plateau” will be screened, in which the astonishing life of the Golden Jackals on Plateau in Sindhudurg district, their importance in this ecosystem and their struggle for survival will be shown. In the next two years, the main documentary Wild Sindhudurg will be published. In addition, the current human-wildlife conflict in Sindhudurg district and participation of The Sindhudurg Forest Department and alternatively local people to reduce this conflict will be brought to the notice of the world through this documentary.

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