Glass laboratory chemical test tubes with liquid for analytical , medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research concept.

Major Activity: Notice Board Display:

  • Today’s Question: Selected group of students pose a daily general science or technological question. Students attempt the answer and drop it in the box kept for answer. Selected group of students display the correct answer on the next day. Best answer gets a fascinating prize after contest of 30 days.
  • Today’s Joke: In order to attract the reader towards display board, selected group of students display a daily science based joke or cartoon.
  • Articles : Students and teachers do collect articles on important topics from various magazines, news papers, books regarding theme of the week and do display on the display board.
  • Today’s Quote: In order to attract the reader towards display board and to build interest in English reading active teacher members of the science association display inspirational quote.
  • Today’s Word: For proper understanding of science, we display a daily scientific word and its meaning,