Title of the Practice : ‘Display activity’ by Science Association

Goal : To generate scientific attitude among all and keep in touch with latest scientific knowledge. To learn science beyond class room and boost the moral to pursue higher studies from prominent institutions.

Context : Student remains with talent, but remains idle to express and explore talent. Standard quality education through prominent National institutes like IITs, IISERs, IISc. is the nation building way to explore, nurture and develop the talent. Students do not get proper guidance about path to admit in the prominent institutes

Information is a lot but important is the conversion of correct information into knowledge. Reading is the best way. In order to impart knowledge building qualities, students and teachers collect the information and present it creatively for other readers in the college. Sincere attempts are done to attract and involve the students.

People have been meditating for thousands of years. Purpose is mental and physical betterment. During exams stress management and concentrations are the important tools on which students has to work properly. Meditation is one of the solution for that. Before exams meditation technique information and practice session of Anapan process was conducted.

Practice : Science Association through display activity made the students aware about prominent institutes and way of entry. Information regarding JAN 2016 was displayed along with inspirational address by our successful alumni Mr. Bhushan Jamsandekar. Students and teachers displayed articles concerned to important topics regarding scientific developments and socio scientific issues.

College teachers posed daily one general science question. Students attempted the answer and dropped it in the box kept for answer. Teacher displayed the correct answer on next day.

In order to attract the reader towards display board active teacher members of the science association displayed daily one science based joke or cartoon.

In order to improve vocab anchor teacher displayed daily one word with its meaning and related image if possible.

At the occasion of national science day, 28th February 2016; Vipashyana expert Mr. Ajay Kudalkar conducted workshop on Anapan meditation process. He has shown video of importance of Vipashyana technique. Workshop summery and feed backs were displayed on the notice board.

Evidence of Success : Seven students from chemistry and students from Mathematics appeared for JAN 2016. Among them Miss Pooja Ghatkar of Chemistry secured rank in JAN 2016. Many students are benefitted by this science learning beyond class room. College student, teacher and local citizens ( total 33 persons) were benefited by the actual workshop and through notice board we informed other several students of the college.

Problems Encountered : Nil

Resources Required : Camera, notice board, answer box and print set up.