Title of the Practice : Bravolia

Goal : To develop leadership qualities among students with necessary managerial skills.

Context : As most of our students are from rural and remote hilly area, it is essential to provide a proper platform to explore their hidden talents. This event is organized every year with the objectives to build competitive spirit and to develop leadership qualities among students along with soft skills such as time management, team building activities, coordination and cooperation etc.

Practice : The special feature of this event is that the entire event is organized and conducted by the students. The students are motivated to generate necessary funds through sponsorships and donation for successful organization of the event.

Students are divided into different groups and each group is assigned specific responsibility about the event such Back-stage committee, Sponsorship committee, Marketing committee etc.

The students visit colleges from South Konkan region for promotion of the event.

Various competitions such as PPT presentation, Logo Creation, One-Act play, Extempore, Management Quiz and Best Persona etc. are organized and successful participants are rewarded.

This helps the students to experience practical application of management functions such as Organization, Marketing, and Finance.

Evidence of Success :

8 colleges from Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg district have participate during 2015-2016

More than 100 students participated in different Management events.

13th colleges were participated from Mumbai University, Goa University, Kolhapur University and Belgaum University in 2016-2017

In this event 11 Management colleges were participated from Mumbai University, Shivaji University, Kolhapur and Belgaum University 2017-2018