Title of the Practice : All Chem

Goal : To celebrate National Science Day on 28th February so as to aware students about science in day to day life with fun.

Context : National Science Day is celebrated on February 28th every year. All Chem activity is therefore conducted in the last week of February on a suitable day. This activity consist of demonstrations of chemical experiments through live reactions and audio visuals. The exhibition is open for all the students of the college.

Practice : This one day program is organised by the chemistry department with active participation from first year to post graduate students. A guest lecture is arranged to update the students regarding recent development in the field of science. More over about 15 to 20 live chemical experiments are exhibited by the students explaining principle behind it and their relevance in day to day life. The exhibition is open for whole day and the experiments are supported with audio visual clips. Interested visitor students are allowed to perform the experiments at their own giving them learning experience and fun.

Evidence of Success : All the students from science faculty and many students from other faculties visit the exhibition, learn the fundamentals and experience the scientific fun. This activity is successfully conducted for last three years.

Problems Encountered : Nil

Resources Required : Apparatus, equipments, chemicals required for the experiments, ICT equipments, supporting furniture for exhibition, sufficient space and guest lecturer.