Program Outcome

Bachelor of Science should acquire scientific temperament, research skills, handling skill of scientific equipment, computing and programming skills, etc.

  • Mathematics - students should be able to define and explain mathematical terminologies and concepts. They should be capable of computing skills, programming skills, mathematical writing skills
  • Chemistry - along with the theoretical knowledge, students should acquire practical skills such as extraction, estimation, synthesis, handling of modern equipment and research skills
  • Zoology - students should acquire knowledge of taxonomy, animal identification, genetics, genetic engineering, animal tissue culture, conservation techniques, domestication of animals for human welfare
  • Physics - students should be able to analyze and interpret quantitative results, both in the core areas of physics and interdisciplinary areas. The ability to use contemporary experimental instruments and analysis tools to acquire and interpret physical parameters
  • Botany - students should be able to acquire knowledge of plant taxonomy, identify common local plants, functioning of plant parts, applications of plants for human welfare